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prepare for a lapse in appropriations

Congress stumbles toward second shutdown • Politics

Washington readied itself for another government shutdown at midnight, as a budget deal stalled on Capitol Hill amid resistance from a cantankerous GOP senator and unhappy House Democrats.

Qualcomm’s response attempts to strike a balance

Qualcomm rejects Broadcom's revised buyout offer, proposes meeting • Business

U.S. semiconductor company Qualcomm Inc (QCOM.O) on Thursday rejected Broadcom Ltd’s (AVGO.O) revised $121 billion buyout offer, but proposed meeting its peer to see whether they can address what it called the bid’s “serious deficiencies in value and certainty."

Swooning markets Thursday cost the world’s 500 richest people $93 billion in net worth

Market Tumble Wipes Out Almost $100 Billion From World's Richest • Business

Jeff Bezos, the world’s richest person, saw his fortune drop by $5.3 billion to $113.2 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, as his Inc. tumbled 4.7 percent on the day. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Chairman Warren Buffett ’s wealth dropped $3.5 billion and Facebook Inc.’s Mark Zuckerberg lost $3.4 billion.

distinctive molecular traces in people with mental illness

Major mental illnesses unexpectedly share brain gene activity, raising hope for better diagnostics and therapies • Interesting

Mental illness affects one in six U.S. adults, but scientists' sense of the underlying biology of most psychiatric disorders remains nebulous. That's frustrating for physicians treating the diseases, who must also make diagnoses based on symptoms that may only appear sporadically. No laboratory blood test or brain scan can yet distinguish whether someone has depression or bipolar disorder, for example.

"It's rugged country, a lot of it is not accessible any other way than horseback"

In Rural New Mexico, Ranchers Wage Their Battle Through The Courts • Interesting

Ranchers across the West watched intently as the federal government prosecuted a Nevada ranching family for leading armed militia standoffs over cattle grazing on public land. Last month, the case against Cliven Bundy and his sons collapsed and now they're calling on other cattlemen to defy federal grazing rules and regulations.

alpine skiing, figure skating, snowboarding, and hockey are all on the list

Winter Olympics 2018: Day-by-day schedule highlights and what to watch • Sports

Team USA is sending the largest Winter Olympic team for any nation in history with 242 athletes set to compete in Pyeongchang. With 15 different sports to follow and multiple events within each sport, there's a lot going on in South Korea for the United States.

Opponents have predicted that the law

Poland’s President Supports Making Some Holocaust Statements a Crime • Politics

President Andrzej Duda said on Tuesday that he would sign into law a bill making it illegal to accuse “the Polish nation” of complicity in the Holocaust and other Nazi atrocities, a measure that has roiled relations with Israel and the United States, and spurred claims that the nationalist government is trying to whitewash one of the bloodiest chapters in Poland’s history.

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