After notifying their son five times and offering him cash, he still refused to leave

Judge Rules 30-Year-Old Must Finally Move Out Of His Parents’ House

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On Tuesday, a New York judge ruled in favor of the parents, Christina and Mark Rotondo, and ordered the 30-year-old man to leave. However, he isn’t going down without a fight. He claims he’s owed a six-month notice, which would give him ample time to prepare for such a big step.

He was found roughly 24,000 feet up and just under 5,000 feet from the summit

Man Who Lost Nine Fingers On Everest Dies During Eighth Attempt

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In 2012, after several previous attempts, he suffered the severe frostbite which led to the loss of his fingers. Still, he was determined to reach the top, and returned in 2015, and again this year.

The newly minted Block-5 edition of the Falcon 9

SpaceX launches new rocket primed for future crewed missions

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An updated version of the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, tailored for eventual crewed missions for NASA, made its debut launch on Friday from Florida’s Cape Canaveral carrying a communications satellite for Bangladesh into orbit.

asteroid may be longer than a football field

Massive asteroid speeding near Earth

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Scientists are keeping a close eye on an asteroid of significant size that will pass quite close the Earth soon. Asteroid 2010 WC9, which was first detected back on Nov. 30, 2010 by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona, is back for another visit, and it will be passing at an incredible close distance of about half the distance the moon is from us.

a lesson from Eric Schneiderman

Opinion: The Problem With ‘Feminist’ Men

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At home, it seems, Mr. Schneiderman was a sexual sadist and manipulative misogynist. At work, he was a champion of women’s rights, investigating potential charges against Harvey Weinstein, appearing at events supporting reproductive freedom, and even writing a bill specifically to punish the same kind of strangulation he is said to have forced on some of his partners.

researchers studied six hummingbirds in an acoustic wind tunnel

These Male Hummingbirds Manipulate the Sound of Their Flying to Attract Mates

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Birds have evolved some very strange features and behaviors in order to woo mates. Birds-of-paradise feathers are a natural vantablack. Bowerbirds build elaborate and colorful nests. And it seems that Costa’s hummingbirds control how females hear the sound of their dives.

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