time to get romantic

An Open Letter to Guys About Valentine’s Day

hercampus.com • Funny

If your girlfriend has told you how lame and cheesy and commercialized Valentine’s Day is, we promise you she is doing exactly what she did that time you ran into each other in the dining hall after hooking up for the first time: playing it cool.

how to not let "the man" win

Tips For Successful Campus Activism

theonion.com • Funny

With protests effecting change at colleges and universities across the country, many students are looking to follow the example and bring awareness to causes of their own.

never have i ever

We Got Top Pollsters To Recount The Most Bizarre Things They've Ever Polled

huffingtonpost.com • Funny

The life of a pollster has its perks. You work on some of the most consequential elections, rub elbows with top business and political leaders and have access to unique, exclusive data. But there are downsides too, like the occasional survey you must run that makes you cringe.

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