Return of the Limited Time Offers

New Menu Additions At Dunkin' Donuts

refinery29.com • Food

If you're a Dunkin' Donuts fan, get ready, because the chain is launching its latest round of limited-time-only menu additions. There's a brand new burrito, a spring take on the croissant doughnut, and a couple of returning customer favorites.There's a brand new burrito, a spring take on the croissant doughnut, and a couple of returning customer favorites.

WTF is Sashimi???

Confusing Sushi Terms, Defined

thrillist.com • Food

Sushi can be intimidating, especially for non-Japanese speakers. This list defines all of the sushi lingo so that you can act like you know what you're doing the next time you go for California Rolls.

Just two ingredients: milk and espresso

Starbucks Introduced New Drink to Permanent Menu

cosmopolitan.com • Food

The latte macchiato will be introduced in America on January 5. To make it, your barista starts with pouring steamed whole milk (or whatever substitute you want) into your cup, then slowly pours espresso from a tiny pitcher, ending with a little dot on top.

Out with the old (kale) and in with the new (algae)

The Foods You'll Hear About in 2016

thrillist.com • Food

A lot of the foods on this list will have you scratching your head wondering how to pronounce them, but they will be popping up everywhere soon enough.

Noms for Ur Hangovr

Foods to Cure Every Type of Hangover

thrillist.com • Food

This whole adulthood thing becomes a lot less fun when you realize that hangovers get worse with age. At least now we know how to combat them.

How to Adult

10 Ways to Save Money at the Grocery Store

thrillist.com • Food

Being an adult is actually really hard. Our parents made grocery shopping look so simple and easy. Well newsflash: it isn't. Here are some tips to save some money that you can save for alcohol.

Wake Up. Drank. Ward Off Alzheimers. Drank.

Champagne May Help Ward Off Dementia

wdsu.com • Food

Researchers at Reading University in Berkshire, United Kingdom, say pinot noir and pinot meunier, two ingredients used to make champagne, contain compounds that can ward off brain diseases and boost spatial memory.

You Aren't As Hipster As You Think (Sorry)

The End of Craft Beer

grubstreet.com • Food

The future of non-Natty beer is here. "Craft (beer) is already at 50 percent market share"

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