How Peet’s Coffee & Tea is Saving Boston Students this Winter

Nicholas Shanman

Winter is coming. And if it’s anything like last year, students in Boston are NOT going to want to leave home over the next few weeks, especially with finals around the corner. Thanks to Keurig and Peet’s, you won’t have to. (Except to take your exams of course.)

There’s nothing like that moment when a smooth, steamy cup of coffee first touches your lips, gently wisps up through your nose, and clears out a night’s sleep. Your eyes open, your gears start turning, and you let out a satisfying exhale...

Introducing the new-and-improved Peet’s K-cups. Delicious high-quality coffee in your own kitchen, 30 seconds away from consumption. Dark Roast, Medium Roast, French Roast, Other Roasts. Never worry about doubling up on socks and trembling all the way to the nearest cafe this winter. Stay warm, stay awake, and stay happy.

So why Peet’s?

Keurig knows good coffee. They know Peet’s roasting plant is a certified “green” facility, and that the founder, Alfred Peet, is known as “the Dutchman who taught America how to drink coffee.” The three founders of Starbucks actually learned how to roast beans from Peet himself, and bought beans DIRECTLY from Peet’s when they first started out. Didn’t know that, did you?

Peet's is the father of coffee, and their blends are as real as it gets. The freshest beans result in the freshest taste. The best part? YOU can afford to drink a cup of Peet’s for less than $1 a day. That’s right. Buy 16, 30, 40 K-cups and you’ll be drinking BETTER coffee for a BETTER price.

Order your K-cups at Peet's or at Amazon this finals week and enjoy high quality coffee at the press of a button.

If you DO end up making it out of your place, here are some of Peet’s Boston locations. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, put your headphones in, and study in peace.

MassArt — 625 Huntington Ave
Beacon Hill — 66 Charles St.
Brookline — 284 Harvard St.

"There’s only one way to craft great coffee and tea—with an obsessive commitment to doing things right.” -Peet's

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