RCN + GOT = The Perfect Summer

Nicholas Shanman

Summer is coming. Doesn’t quite have the same flare that Winter does, but as Game of Thrones approaches the end of the season, we are just as—if not more—excited to see which characters will die next. Hopefully it’s Ramsay, but I’d settle for the Night King. And where the heck was Jon Snow last episode?

Although some of us pay for HBO, some freeload off of our friends, and some find a sketchy illegal website to stream with a thousand pop-ups, we all find a way to watch GOT. As a college student, you have to do whatever it takes to get to the seven kingdoms.

RCN, (Residential Communications Network for those of you who were wondering), one the best TV/phone/internet providers in the country, understands that it may be a struggle for college students to afford watching their favorite shows. Whether it’s on a television or online, RCN believes access to internet and cable should be available to everyone, at a reasonable price.

To prove just how passionate they are about sharing, they ended up giving one lucky college student free internet and cable for a YEAR. That’s 365 days of unlimited access to any website/show you can imagine. This lucky student, who I will not name in efforts to protect him/her from freeloaders, was extremely grateful to RCN for this amazing opportunity.

RCN’s fast streaming triple play is a bundle deal that includes unlimited phone services, live and premium TV shows, and efficient high-speed internet at only $39.99 a month. That’s pretty much every single electronic in your house you need, besides a microwave of course, for one low price.

As one avid RCN customer put it, "RCN cares about their customers, and the service shows it."

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