7 Reasons Boston Students should attend the MBL College Cruise 2016

Nicholas Shanman

For the first time EVER, Massachusetts Bay Lines (MBL) is hosting a College Cruise for Boston students interested in renting out their vessels. As if attending an exclusive party on a boat isn’t legendary enough, here are 7 other reasons you NEED to buy a ticket for this event.

1. The opportunity to make A LOT of money

A few years ago, some Boston College students made $17,000 by creating an unforgettable night after graduation (They'll be there to tell their story). When I say $17,000, I mean $17,000. This was AFTER they paid the small fee for the ship’s gas. MBL sells drinks at the bar. You sell tickets. You’re both happy. Either pocket your money, or give it back to a club, charity, fraternity, you name it!

2. Represent your organization… or your friends!

Whether you want to rent a cruise for your club, organization, fraternity/sorority, charity, class in general, or just to host the party of the year, you will be an absolute hero. Imagine making $15,000 to donate to a great charity, or to fix up a fraternity house, or to get your club basketball team to Nationals. These boats hold 100-300 people, that’s more than enough money in ticket sales to make an impact on whatever it is you choose to do. All while having a kick-ass time.

3. Boston Students

This informational cruise is for the best and brightest kids out there, BOSTON STUDENTS. We want to party, we want to dance, we want to have fun, but most importantly, we want to make a DIFFERENCE. When you come out next Thursday you’re going to meet kids from all over the city, from different organizations and schools, with different agendas and goals. You might meet someone you want to team up with, you might meet someone you want to make out with. Either way, this cruise a great place to see new faces, socialize, and network.

4. It’s $5 dollars!!!

These tickets are $5 dollars. And wait—there’s more. $5 doesn’t just get you a sunset cruise. $5 gets you food, 2 free drinks at the bar, a chance to win prizes, and what leads me to my next point...

5. DJ and a Dope Dance Floor!!!

So besides eating and drinking for $5 TOTAL, you are going to be dancing with 100 other college students on a boat in the bay. Does it get any better than that?

6. Perfect timing

Yeah… it does. This event is on a Thursday, April 14, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. We’re not taking you away from your weekend, we’re making it feel like it’s already begun. And even if we run a little over schedule, we’ll get you back on dry land by 9pm, prime time to continue the night in style. Which leads me to my last reason, and arguably the most convincing as to why you should attend the MBL College Cruise 2016.

7. It’s on a boat…

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If you think this event sounds like a good time, buy your ticket right now. Over half are already gone and the cruise is one week away. HURRY! CollegeCruise.Eventbrite.com

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