New York in the Summer!

Staying in NYC This Summer? Here's Your Guide • NYU

Will you be braving the heat and staying in NYC for the summer? Here's a master list of everything you need to know for those summer months, from eats to having a good time (winky face)

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Whatever You Do, YOU SHOULD VOTE!

NYU For Hillary Admits Being Unprepared in Debate Against NYU For Bernie • NYU

NYU, like any college campus, has groups taking different stances on political issues. At a democratic debate however, lack of preparation hindered NYU for Hillary. "Although arguments were presented on both sides and no side was declared the winner, the supporters of Hillary admitted their lack of strength in the closing remarks."

Look at all those bunnies!

See Instagram Photos of the Massive at Brookfield Place • NYU

New York, you are lovely and weird at the same time. "If you've visited Brookfield Place or Battery City Park this week, you may have noticed there are seven giant glowing bunnies just chilling there. Why? Because it's art! "

The Good, The Bad, and the F's

On Professors: The Best and The Worst • NYU

Teachers, can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. NYU has some pretty amazing professors, but like any academic institution, some difficult ones or some plain...ehh...not so great ones. Check out this Verge writer's views!

You Gotta Love the One You're With !!

Getting Real With Dating Outside Your Cultural Realm • NYU

"Love is a many splendid thing!" Moulin Rouge- you feel us. And yes love can and DOES transcend many boundaries and differences. "The moral of these stories? Love can transcend cultural boundaries, but while making these relationships can be interesting and exciting, make sure you’re viewed as a person and not a sexual kink."

COLOR Your Heart Out!

TedxNYU Gets Legit About Coloring • NYU

Art, it's become a great escape, and even TedxNYU has taken part in the trend. Even experts agree on the calming effects of this nostalgic and childhood practice. effects "He (an art and psychology expert) noted that art can not only serve as a calming form of escapism, but also help make someone aware of very deep seated traumas and self-perceptions."


Students Unmask Mental Health • NYU

NYU has some pretty cool and motivated students. A recent start-up called Project Inter-ACT is changing the discourse on mental health. "Designed to change the stigma regarding mental health issues, Project InterACT shares pictures of NYU students’ thoughts and experiences with mental illnesses onto their Facebook page."

Boston Marathon 2k16: Cheer on Big Papi’s Charity Runners • originals

David Ortiz, A.K.A. ‘Big Papi,’ has been a beloved Red Sox player since 2003. Within that time, he’s hit over 500 home runs and over 1500 RBIs, he’s been in all-star 9 times, and most importantly, he helped break the curse by winning the World Series in 2004, then went on to win it again in 2007 and 2013. He’s been both an inspiration for Dominicans and Bostonians alike. He has given this city his all both on and off the field, and that is exactly why students in Boston should be cheering on the The David Ortiz Children’s Fund runners at the 120th Boston Marathon this Monday.

7 Reasons Boston Students should attend the MBL College Cruise 2016 • originals

For the first time EVER, Massachusetts Bay Lines (MBL) is hosting a College Cruise for Boston students interested in renting out their vessels. As if attending an exclusive party on a boat isn’t legendary enough, here are 7 other reasons you NEED to buy a ticket for this event.

RCN + GOT = The Perfect Summer • originals

Summer is coming. Doesn’t quite have the same flare that Winter does, but as Game of Thrones approaches the end of the season, we are just as—if not more—excited to see which characters will die next. Hopefully it’s Ramsay, but I’d settle for the Night King. And where the heck was Jon Snow last episode?


10 Coolest Classes to Take This Fall • NYU

Registration is quickly approaching...make sure you are ready for a year that is both academically challenging but also ~cool~ (We ARE millennials, so this is must) Food photography, anyone?

It's Politics Season!

NYU Libertarians Talk Freedom in Tech • NYU

Yes, it's time to talk politics, and yes there are more parties than just "Democrats" or "Republicans." Let's take a look at the tech students turned Libertarians, who believe that "technology must be kept free."

New Name, Same Place?

Hayden Hall to Be Renamed Lipton Hall • NYU

Hayden Hall, reopened this fall after renovation, is undergoing a name change. Hopefully the newly named "Lipton Hall" will still have its scrumptious cookies!

GEICO Turns Spring Break Up with the “College" Alumni Discount • originals

GEICO understands the anxiety, stress, and fear of life that graduating college entails. That’s why they’re offering the GEICO #AlumniDiscount. Once you graduate, you could be eligible to receive a discount on your insurance. If there’s one thing graduates so desperately need these days… it's to SAVE MONEY.

An Endless Array of Furbies <3

Fascinating Photos from the Secret Trash Collection in a New York Sanitation Garage • NYU

It's odd, nostalgic, and slightly messy- but nonetheless another interesting NYC gem. "This is the Treasures in the Trash collection, created entirely out of objects found by Nelson Molina, a now-retired sanitation worker, who began by decorating his locker. Collected over 30 years, it is a visual explosion, organized by type, color, and size. Recently, Atlas Obscura had the chance to visit the collection with the New York Adventure Club, take some photos, and revel in the vast creative possibilities of trash."

Hear their Stories!

Abroad in Europe • NYU

It's no surprise NYU is interconnected around the world, we have 13 study abroad sites! Hear from the students who have been experiencing a load of adventure, a little stress, and lots of excitement!

No Matter Your Political Affiliation, Get Out There and Vote!

The Elephant in the Room: Words From an NYU Conservative • NYU

"Don’t be afraid to speak out against those who do – but why degrade the minds of those who don’t? As a registered Democrat (yes, a capital-D democrat), it’s become clear to me that understanding the opposing arguments can lead to having a more informed political stance, whether that be reaffirming your current views, or changing them entirely."

An Interesting Perspective

My Scarlet Letter: Growing Up As A Feminist in 21st Century India • NYU

"When you dismiss a movement as important to society as feminism, you dismiss one third of Indian girls who will be married before their fifteenth birthday. The millions of female victims of sexual assault. The thousands of female victims of genital mutilation. The millions of domestic violence victims across India who cannot speak up because society urges them to cater to their male family members. All the women who are discriminated against because of something as simple as their gender."

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