Boston Marathon 2k16: Cheer on Big Papi’s Charity Runners • originals

David Ortiz, A.K.A. ‘Big Papi,’ has been a beloved Red Sox player since 2003. Within that time, he’s hit over 500 home runs and over 1500 RBIs, he’s been in all-star 9 times, and most importantly, he helped break the curse by winning the World Series in 2004, then went on to win it again in 2007 and 2013. He’s been both an inspiration for Dominicans and Bostonians alike. He has given this city his all both on and off the field, and that is exactly why students in Boston should be cheering on the The David Ortiz Children’s Fund runners at the 120th Boston Marathon this Monday.

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7 Reasons Boston Students should attend the MBL College Cruise 2016 • originals

For the first time EVER, Massachusetts Bay Lines (MBL) is hosting a College Cruise for Boston students interested in renting out their vessels. As if attending an exclusive party on a boat isn’t legendary enough, here are 7 other reasons you NEED to buy a ticket for this event.

RCN + GOT = The Perfect Summer • originals

Summer is coming. Doesn’t quite have the same flare that Winter does, but as Game of Thrones approaches the end of the season, we are just as—if not more—excited to see which characters will die next. Hopefully it’s Ramsay, but I’d settle for the Night King. And where the heck was Jon Snow last episode?

GEICO Turns Spring Break Up with the “College" Alumni Discount • originals

GEICO understands the anxiety, stress, and fear of life that graduating college entails. That’s why they’re offering the GEICO #AlumniDiscount. Once you graduate, you could be eligible to receive a discount on your insurance. If there’s one thing graduates so desperately need these days… it's to SAVE MONEY.

The Best College Ski Pass Just Got Better • originals

Do you go to school in New England? Do you wish you could go skiing or snowboarding every weekend? Do you wish you could AFFORD to go skiing or snowboarding every weekend? Well guess what, YOU CAN.

5 Reasons College Students Should Join the Spartan Fenway Sprint this Weekend • originals

For the first time EVER, Spartan Race is holding a Fenway Sprint this weekend, November 7th-8th filled with fire, mud, water, barbed wire, sweat, tears and much, much more. CVS is offering an exclusive deal to college students for the race on Sunday. Read these 5 reasons as to why you should join the race, and how you could save $100 in the process.

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